01 april 2019


Hej Danmark!

Sharing best practices on innovation across the EU helps people in need. That’s what I experienced in Copenhagen, where I was impressed by the innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions used in the Danish capital’s Emergency Service.


New AI technology can now diagnose a heart attack over the phone even if the patient is not the caller. An innovation worth sharing all over the EU! Denmark is a very innovative country; we need more new ideas like these to help tackle the challenges the EU is facing.


Europe must have the ambition to share ideas for this world to become a better place.


Innovation also means taking care of our environment. Climate change is a big concern for Danish citizens, but few people can afford to buy electric cars or renovate their homes.


I met entrepreneurs at the Chamber of Commerce to discuss trade and listened to their ideas about how to innovate and deliver cleaner engines, less waste and more reusable materials.


Innovation will be a key driver of success for Europe in the upcoming years to improve our quality of life; the EU must be at the forefront, leading in innovation and technology.