19 May 2019

Let’s open a new chapter for Europe!


In these last days of campaigning, I feel more and more the enthusiasm of our people, of the EPP leaders and EPP member parties. Today in Sofia, Bulgaria, I attended the rally of GERB and UDF, together with 12,000 supporters and hosted by Bulgaria’s Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov. European people know that a lot is at stake in these elections.


As Prime Minister Boyko Borissov highlighted during his speech, Bulgaria is putting up record numbers when it comes to investment, employment and growth. This is thanks to his persistent work, his vision and his close cooperation with the European Union. Bulgaria is a success story in Europe. Thanks to the Bulgarian government and thanks to Boyko Borissov, the country is well respected in the European Union; we can always count on each of the candidates to make sure that Bulgaria’s voice is heard.


I want to create the same health and working standards across the European Union. No one should be forced to leave their home for economic reasons. As the EPP, we will fight for this.


Thanks, Bulgaria, for the great crowd and for your support. Europe is strong, but it also needs courage and reforms. We, as the EPP, can bring both for a better Europe!