18 May 2019

Zagreb – Standing united for a stronger and more ambitious Europe


Today I was in Zagreb participating in the rally of HDZ together with Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenković and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. We kicked-off the final week of our campaign for the European elections in front of 6000 enthusiastic supporters — I couldn’t have chosen a better place than Zagreb to mark this important milestone.


Croatia is one of our youngest EU members, with a strong EPP party under the leadership of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković. Under EPP leadership, Croatia has developed a lot, and the country keeps growing both economically and socially. Croatia has shown the rest of us in Europe that the EU is a successful project of peace and prosperity.


Together with Prime Minister Plenković and Chancellor Angela Merkel, we’ve shown that the EPP is united, and that our Europe is one of values, common strength and innovation.


During my stop in Zagreb, and before the HDZ rally, together with Andrej Plenković, I had the chance to present Europe’s biggest campaign poster. More than a thousand photos of people and moments collected from all over Europe represent our vision for a better Europe — for a Europe that is strong, smart and kind!