23 May 2019

The final sprint of the campaign starts in Warsaw


In November 2018, I started my Listening Tour — the backbone of my campaign —  in Poland. After travelling from country to country across the European Union, I decided to go back to the place where it all started, to Warsaw, for the final sprint of the campaign.


In Warsaw, I made it clear: these European elections are crucial. Europe faces challenges by both right- and left-wing populists and radicals. We need to defend our Europe and the future of our continent against those who threaten and want to destroy it.


As President of the European Commission, I will create a Europe where no one is forced to leave their home for economic reasons. All Europeans deserve a chance, especially our youth. So I will fight for 5 million new jobs, for better prospects and better living conditions for all of us.


Thank you, Rafał Trzaskowski, Andrzej Halicki and our EPP friends of Civic Platform, PSL and the European Coalition. Our member parties stick together. And we will fight together in this final campaign sprint for a stronger, smarter and kinder Europe — a better Europe that serves the people!